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Dalclagie New Make Spirit (30 Gallon, 113L)

Dalclagie new-make spirit, to be laid down in 2024.

  • First-fill bourbon barrels from American Craft Distilleries
  • c.113L Bulk fill of New Make Spirit
  • 63.5% ABV / 127 Proof
  • Stored at North Point Distillery for 3 Years (fully insured)


Dalclagie Scotch Whisky is a superb example of a full-bodied Highland Single Malt in waiting. Using the finest heritage barley, robust Kveik yeast, long fermentations and strict spirit cuts dictated by taste and flavour; Dalclagie is a reflection of historic practices that did not favour efficiency over taste.

Tasting notes that are currently present in our New Make Spirit straight from the still are: “ Notes of tropical fruit, tinned peaches, and pineapple; a full-bodied texture; and a croissant sweetness.” - Greg Benson, Head Distiller North Point Distillery.


The Dalclagie cask programme Terms and Conditions can be found here, purchasing a cask online confirms your acceptance of the same. 

Please note that the cask will be held under bond until the prevailing Spirit Duty and Value Added Tax is paid. Bottling, sampling and re-racking fees are outlined in the programme Terms and Conditions.

Dalclagie New Make Spirit (30 Gallon, 113L)

  • Your Dalclagie cask will be stored at North Point Distillery in Forss, West Caithness. 

    Please disregard any prompts about shipping addresses throughout the checkout process.

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