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Crosskirk Bay Gin Awards

"A delightfully complex aroma with bold notes of juniper and pine with reminders of the sea..."

- Great Taste Awards


The People. The Place. The  Gin.

Named for the picturesque bay view of our Distillery, our award-winning Crosskirk Bay Gin is a delicious product of its native environment, with local botanicals chosen to amplify the leading presence of juniper within the spirit. 


With punchy citrus, rich juniper, a hint of sweetness, and an amazing mouthfeel, this Gin provides a journey for the tastebuds with a smooth, refreshing finish.


45.1% ABV

70CL / 700ML

Product of Scotland


The Process

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Making crosskirk bay gin

When starting out to create our gin, we wanted what was missing in so many other gins: bold flavour. The gin market is flooded with subtle and delicate gins, which are lovely, but they’re not the North Point way. 


We began with our neutral spirit: it had to be cane spirit; this allowed us to have a higher ABV while still keeping a smooth finish. And when it came to the technique, our Distiller, Greg, insisted on in-pot maceration to infuse as much flavour in every drop of spirit as possible – in fact, we begin the maceration hours before the distillation process, allowing our more robust botanicals – such as spices like cardamom, coriander, and pink peppercorn, and a financially irresponsible amount of Tuscan Juniper (13.5kg for every 500 bottle batch!) – to get to know each other overnight. The next morning, we add in rowan berries, Scots pine, sea buckthorn, lemon verbena, and grapefruit and lemon peel. Then the distillation begins. 


After running our Still the way we run all our Stills: low and slow, our gin distillate leaves our condenser at 78% ABV. A true London Dry. When the time comes to proof it down, we add only water – this is known as Single Shot Gin and it’s something which we’re incredibly proud of. This process takes Crosskirk Bay Gin to its beautiful, bold-yet-smooth 45.1% ABV.


Because of our choice for bold flavour and in-pot maceration, Crosskirk Bay Gin, when cooled or chilled will become hazy – also known as louching. This is when the oil content within the gin becomes visible. We’re big fans of louche: it highlights the amount of flavour within the gin that we’ve worked so hard to infuse into it.


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