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North Point Rum Awards

"an inviting smokey and mineral nose with distinct peat aromatics and burnished butterscotch char. Sweetly soft on approach with caramel richness"

- Guild of Fine Food and Drink


The People. The Place. The  Rum.

Our North Point Pilot Rum, influenced heavily by the captivating tale of the ‘North Point Pilots,’ prides itself on being made from the finest molasses, accompanied by a North Point Distillery twist. 


This young rum, aged for a year on site in former Highland Whisky casks, is truly a unique blend of both the Caribbean and the Scottish Highlands: allowing a journey of butterscotch, lemon zest, and an oak sweetness to tell the tale of their married history. 


40% ABV

70CL / 700ML

Product of Scotland


The Pilots of the pentland firth

Scotland is full of mysteries and tales from the past, some more well-known than others. In Caithness, the legend of the Pilots who battled the sea, fought for their lives, and inadvertently travelled halfway across the world captures the hearts and imaginations of young and old alike.


Between the northern tip of mainland Scotland and the Orkney Islands lies a channel of the North Sea called the Pentland Firth, known for its dangerous, unrelenting and unpredictable tidal currents, metres-high swells, and treacherous whirlpools. 


In the 1700s, merchant ships made their voyage to the Caribbean through this channel, carrying slate, spices, and other produce on their vessels. In order to safely navigate the channel, the ships would signal the shore for assistance from the local fishermen who knew the channel and its secrets. Once signalled, the fishermen would row out to the ships and guide them through the channel with the expectation of payment in either money or goods. 


But not all the Pilots returned to the shore, with stories of some being whisked away with the ship, journeying to the Caribbean, where they would find work within the sugar and Rum trade to pay for passage home. 


As our Distillery overlooks the Pentland Firth, we pay homage to this legend and the histories of these Pilots with our flagship spirit, North Point Pilot Rum, and our Lighthouse logo, which showcases the treacherous waves of the Pentland Firth.

The Process


Making our
pilot Rum

For our Pilot rum, we wanted to create a rum that was simultaneously clean and easy drinking, but with a nod to the local influence of whisky.


The process starts by bringing in molasses sourced from the Caribbean. Initially, it’s incredibly thick and flavourful, but far too concentrated for us to process as-is.


The first step is to dilute the molasses down with hot water to a more suitable thickness. At this point, the diluted molasses is chilled down to 28 °C and Kveik yeast is pitched. This Norwegian farmhouse yeast is famed for its fruity, vibrant character.


After 7 days of fermentation, this molasses mixture has fermented into a liquid called wash, a kind of rum-beer with an ABV of around 10%.


Two subsequent distillations then take place in Sandy Stroma: our fully bespoke, first-of-its-kind, electrically fired, 500L Still. The first of these distillations is the wash distillation, which takes the wash from 10% ABV to around 25% ABV. This is then re-distilled in Sandy Stroma, resulting in a rum spirit at around 75% ABV.


Whilst we could proof down, bottle, and sell this rum as-is, as white rum, we instead age this rum in ex-Scotch Whisky casks to create our signature Pilot Rum.  This smooths out the spirit, adding notes of butterscotch, oak, toffee, and caramel to the fruit-forward spirit. Each batch of Pilot is getting progressively older, and this is something we’re excited to watch evolve as time goes on. 


Every batch of Pilot Rum is a single cask bottling, meaning the colour and cask influence varies slightly batch-to-batch, creating a one-of-a-kind experience with every batch.


Our Cask Programme

If you are interested in purchasing a cask of Pilot or North Point Spiced Rum, please contact the distillery directly. 

Casks are laid down in strictly limited numbers and we currently have a waiting list for our Rum products. 

To discuss a future cask purchase, please reach out to the team;

Phone: 44 (0) 7808 154456





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