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Burgh Island London Dry Gin

How do you capture the wonderfully wild magic and mystery of Burgh Island?

This small batch London Dry Gin with delightful citrus notes has been carefully curated using 17 different botanicals including Rose Rugose and Gorse which grow in abundance on our iconic tidal island. 

To enjoy this gin as though you were a guest in our Palm Court cocktail bar, we recommend a pre dinner Martini or mixed with lots of ice and a classic tonic water. 

Don't forget to garnish with a beautiful borage flower, for a truly authentic Burgh Island experience. 


Crisp and clean citrus leads to herbal notes from the Rosa Rugosa, rosemary and thyme.



Bright and exuberant with complex citrus notes, Seville orange and elderflower, backed by the lush sweetness of hand-foraged gorse and borage. 



Long and zesty, anchored by the earthiness of mallow root and sea holly.

Burgh Island London Dry Gin

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