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Our commitment to sustainable spirits.

Our sustainability mission.

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. But we really mean it; we plan to be one of Scotland’s most sustainable distilleries and are doing everything we can to achieve this.

We constantly assess our spirit production process and our supply chain to see where we can improve. Currently, we off-set carbon footprint from shipping raw ingredients by sourcing materials that have already been recycled. We use environmentally-friendly equipment. We power our distillery with renewable energy. We ensure our waste is environmentally disposed of. And that’s just the start of it.


Our Still, affectionately known as ‘Sandy Stroma’, is not only the first of its kind for design, its also powered using electricity. This is a green alternative to steam or gas-fired stills that you normally see across Scotland. Electricity is a much more environmentally friendly method and eliminates any greenhouse gas emissions, whilst maximising efficiency. Win, win!

Our Energy is provided entirely through low carbon means. Our site uses only mains electricity, with the on-site wind farm at Forss contributing to the national grid. This means our distillery is one of the few in Scotland (and the entire UK!) to be fully powered by low carbon energy. We’re pretty proud of that.

Our Waste is disposed of through government-approved methods. But we’re going one step further. A circular waste to biogas plant has received planning permission on the same site as our distillery in Forss. This means that in the future North Point waste can be sent to the biogas plant right next to us, and our waste will be converted into energy for on-site car charging points and low carbon energy for tenants of the business park. It’s always nice to give back.

Our Bottles (for our core range) are sourced from bottle maker Estal, where up to 100% of the bottle is made from recycled bottles. What about our corks and labels? They come from sustainably conscious partners and have carbon-free certifications. Being plastic-free was a deliberate choice and no single-use plastic components will be found anywhere in our spirit production. The use of copper, stainless steel, and oak in our production plan ensures our assets are long-lasting and can be repaired instead of needing a ‘like-for-like’ replacement.

Our Ingredients for our spirits are sustainably sourced through Fairtrade / Certified providers both in the Caribbean and locally, where possible. Throughout the spirit supply chain, we have only approached partners who share our goal of creating genuinely sustainable spirit products. Our raw material suppliers are specially certified by the Soil Association and the USDA as organic producers and our label and bottling suppliers are among the leading manufacturers of award-winning sustainable and recycled materials.

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