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The ultimate Commando gift.

Our newest Commando Spirit bundle blends our award-winning whisky with a distillery-exclusive woolly hat!

Commando Spirit is a unique blend of Scotch Whisky steeped in history. Blended by North Point Distillery in the Scottish Highlands, a blend of malt and grain whisky.


Finished in peated sherry casks for a truly unique balance of smoke, fruit and bright floral notes.

The Commando Spirit branded woolly, will keep you warm and stylish during the cold winter months. Grab it whilst you can, exclusively from Commando Spirit whisky!


Commando Spirit represents the essence of commando ethos:

COURAGE – do what is right;

DETERMINATION – never give up;

UNSELFISHNESS – mission first, mates second and self last;

CHEERFULNESS in the face of adversity – always smile.


Commando Spirit is an elite spirit that encourages a culture of positive wellbeing and comradeship, evoking memories of the original WWII Commandos.




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